Austin Flamenco Academy

One of the top flamenco schools in the country, Austin Flamenco Academy provides flamenco dance education to students and professionals of all ages and all levels.  We also offer exclusive workshops with guest artists and studio events like the Flamenco Flea Market and the Feria de Abril.

Magellan International School


Magellan International School

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Chimney Corners Flamenquitos Fridays 3:00pm-3:45pm

This class is for our youngest age group and focuses on Flamenco movements and music, and most of all, making sure everyone has a great time. Set your little ones on a path filled with dance and music! Every class will cover Zapateado (footwork), Braceo (arms), Floreo (hands) and Compas/Palmas (rhythms and clapping) and Choreography. 

Anderson Lane Mondays 3rd-5th 3:20-4:20 AND Thursdays K-2nd 3:20-4:20

This class will cover all of the general technique of flamenco Zapateado (footwork), Braceo (arms), Floreo (hands), Compas/Palmas (rhythms and clapping) and Castanets. Students will work on placement as well as full choreographies.

There will be various performance opportunities throughout the year including the end of year showcase May 17th, 2020 3pm

Uniform- Flamenco Skirts, Shoes, Boots (boys), Castanets (AL only), Fans (3rd-5th) available through AFA

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